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digital marketing

You must have heard about Digital marketing. But did you know that Digital marketing has six components, they’re online content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, (SEM)search engine marketing, internet display ads marketing, and mobile marketing.

So if you’re looking for Some basic about Digital marketing, then this article will definitely help to enhance your knowledge about Digital marketing,

Online content marketing

Online content marketing is a component of digital marketing that focuses on creating contents such as
articles, info graphs, videos, slide presentations, blog posts, pictures/photos, and much more.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing emphasized marketing your products/services via social media platforms, there’re
sponsored content, display ads, search ads, etc.
categories of social media are:
Social networking, e.g.

social media

 Online affiliate marketing

Online affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing that allows you to have other websites’ owners
and internet users advertising and promoting your products and services, and get paid a commission.

whenever a sale is made or particular action is performed by the user/person they refer through their
affiliate links. There is also an angle in this component that is called influencer marketing.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a component of digital marketing where an advertisement or content is
displayed and shown on search engines like google or bing. There’s paid and organic search.

1. A paid search: paid search adverts are displayed on top, beside, and bottom of searches.
2. Organic search: organic search is the result you get whenever you perform a search in search engines
using keywords. Organic search is achieved faster mostly by SEO (search engine optimization). In
search engine optimization there’s ―on-page and ―off-page optimization.

 Internet display ads

internet display

Internet display ads are also a part of digital marketing. Following are the type of internet display ads.
1. Banner exchange: This has to do with exchanging your banner with another website’s owner.

2. Sponsored banner: Paying for banner placement on a particular website, e.g. allows
you to pay for banners to rotate all over the community.

3. Contextual ads: Contextual ads are displayed when particular keywords are searched in search
engines, and whenever there’re contents that match what you’re selling or marketing.

Mobile marketing


Mobile marketing is a type of digital marketing that focuses on mini devices/gadgets, like mobile phones, tablets,
feature phones, etc. This is often carried out using optimized mobile landing pages, applications, QR (quick response codes), text messages, etc.

Each of the components above has strategy, techniques, and options to effectively maximize its impact
on digital marketing objectives and goals.

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