Get Gboard's Roman Urdu to Urdu feature

Gboard introduces Roman Urdu to Urdu feature


Google has recently launched its Roman Urdu to Urdu Google Keyboard (Gboard) feature for both Android and iOS.

Gboard’s Roman Urdu to Urdu include is keen and precisely makes an interpretation of Roman Urdu text into Urdu script progressively.

Gboard will likewise permit clients to change Roman texts over to Urdu, yet in addition to Punjabi,,Sindhi,  and Kashmiri content, as indicated by TJ.

Google previously had full Urdu, Sindhi, and Kashmiri text scripts in Gboard choices.

Get Gboard’s Roman Urdu to Urdu feature

  • In the event that clients don’t as of now have the Gboard, they ought to go to Google Play and introduce Gboard, accessible for both Android and iOS.
  • When the application has been introduced it will direct clients to empower the console and select it as their feedback strategy.
  • Whenever that is done, clients can move to the Gboard settings → Languages and deselect the alternative for ‘Use framework language’.
  • Subsequent to deselecting the alternative, clients can go through Gboard’s rundown of dialects and select the choice for Urdu (abc → اردو).
  • Whenever this is done clients will actually want to get to the component across various applications remembering their telephone’s for assembled message informing applications.
  • To change the method of the console clients need to press and hold the spacebar and select Urdu (abc → اردو) on the popup, they can return to the standard console whenever.