A Handbook On Cloud Testing Platforms

A Handbook On Cloud Testing Platforms

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Most organizations worldwide have moved on to automation testing due to the greater speed and efficiency it provides, along with a reduction in errors that are common during manual testing. Research Nester points out that the market size of automation testing software in 2022 was approximately $25 billion, and it is expected to surpass $94 billion by 2035, a blistering CAGR of 15%. However, recently, they have been shifting their testing processes to cloud-based automation platforms. The benefits cloud automation testing tools provide over conventional testing methods are too significant to overlook. Let us take a quick look at what cloud testing is and what benefits it offers to testers and developers.

Cloud testing refers to a software testing approach that involves testing applications over a cloud computing environment instead of a local test infrastructure. This approach offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • High scalability
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased speed in test execution
  • Real device testing across multiple browsers and platforms
  • Smoother collaboration and accessibility 

However, it is vital that you select the right cloud testing platform because it determines the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of your software testing process. This article will focus on five top-notch platforms that are about to reshape the testing sphere in 2024 and beyond. By comparing the features of these platforms, you can make a better, informed decision. 

Best Automated Testing Platforms in the Cloud

Here is a list of 5 top cloud-based automatic testing platforms:


1. TestGrid

Among cloud-based testing platforms, organizations trust TestGrid for all their testing requirements because of its incredible AI-powered features. The secure cloud infrastructure that TestGrid provides ensures that you can test applications with confidence without fear of your sensitive data getting hacked or leaked. The platform cuts your test cycle duration by half and facilitates faster development and release of perfect software to end-users. TestGrid delivers accurate and precise results devoid of any human inaccuracies through its accurate testing capabilities.

Benefits of TestGrid

The many features and benefits that TestGrid provides contribute to an increase in both the accuracy and efficiency of software testing.

  • Multiple and concurrent test trials can be performed without human intervention.
  • Cloud infrastructure allows you to run it from any place remotely with a stable internet connection.
  • The reporting capabilities that the platform provides offer valuable insights into the application under test.
  • It provides excellent automation testing features for the verification of visual components.
  • It allows testers to create test scripts that are reusable and easy to maintain.
  • It enables the automatic healing of your codeless tests and prevents them from failing
  • Allows you to scale your testing processes as per your changing testing requirements
  • 24×7 support from a dedicated technical team for all your queries 
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface that even non-technical users can easily use


2. Katalon Studio

A popular automation testing tool, Katalon Studio allows automation testing of web applications, mobile apps, and APIs. It is straightforward to use and navigate for even inexperienced testers because of its simple design and features. Thus, if someone is just getting into automation testing or is not so technical, he can choose this tool. The ability of this tool to work with Groovy and Java-based programming languages enables the development of flexible test scripts.

Benefits of Katalon Studio

With these three features, Katalon Studio distinguishes itself as one of the best-automated testing solutions for 2024:


  • Katalon Studio allows users to build automated tests without requiring them to have any prior knowledge of coding. 
  • You can integrate it seamlessly with popular CI/CD tools and platforms like Jira or git
  • Start testing immediately with its built-in project templates
  • Facilitates quicker automation testing with its rich set of in-built keywords 


 3. AccelQ

AccelQ is a cloud-based platform that can test web, mobile, and API layers under a single roof. In addition, the self-healing features of AccelQ can automatically adapt tests if there is a change in the application under test, thus minimizing costs. The cloud-native architecture of AccelQ, coupled with AI-driven features, gives it an edge over the competition.

Benefits of AccelQ

 Some of the most appealing aspects of AccelQ that set it apart from competing automated testing solutions are as follows:


  • The tool contributes to test stability improvement and reduction of maintenance investments by automatically fixing test scripts and managing tests via AI-driven technologies.
  • It makes creating test cases easy and permits non-specialists to conduct automation testing.
  • It facilitates in-sprint automation that aligns with your DevOps and agile practices. 

4. Appium 

The Appium automation testing tool is a cross-platform testing platform that is popularly used for mobile applications. Moreover, it works with various programming languages: Java, Ruby, Python, JS, and more. This cross-platform flexibility allows developers to perform mobile application tests on diverse devices and operating systems. 

Benefits of Appium

Here are some key benefits of using Appium:


  • It effortlessly merges with renowned test frameworks such as TestNG 
  • The platform supports web testing, security testing, performance testing, and more
  • It facilitates real device testing, enabling developers to offer better user experiences 
  • It offers support for platforms, including Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS


5. Testim

Testim is a robust cloud-based testing platform. Its innovative codeless process and AI-based technology make it easy for newcomers and skilled coders to locate and eliminate bugs quickly and accurately. This tool allows you to perform functional testing, visual validation, and performance review.

Benefits of Testim 

For its three primary capabilities, Testim stands out as the top choice for testing web applications and mobile apps:


  • Testim enables developers to use JavaScript, which allows them to write and run tests using their favorite programming language.
  • It smoothly fits in with the common automation frameworks such as Selenium and Appium, thus enabling them to use current frameworks and libraries.
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools and lets you create bug reports in Jira
  • It suggests the probable cause of test failures based on previous failures


We hope that this list of the top cloud testing platforms and the insights on cloud vs. conventional testing help you make a better decision. 


Among these testing platforms, TestGrid stands out tall due to its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, superior performance with AI-powered features, and quicker testing. TestGrid facilitates continuous testing, ensuring that the applications are tested and defects rectified at the early stages of development, preventing huge expenses in the future. 


Elevate your testing to a higher level with TestGrid’s secure, cloud-based infrastructure and fortify your foothold in the software market.