How to adjust a dish TV Antenna

How to adjust a dish TV Antenna

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Over a period of time, it was really a headache that  How to adjust a dish TV Antenna, the antenna of dish TVs tends to change in angle and may go out of alignment. It requires adjustment so that you receive a good signal for tv.   Professionally the dish TV antenna can be adjusted using a signal meter to get the best strength but it is also possible for one to do this work without using any device.

Follow these some steps and ways that will help you How to adjust a dish TV Antenna

1. Step 1

  • The first step you have to do is to turn on your TV as well as the receiver.
  • Wait for the message to appear on the screen.  then Press on the menu button on the remote and cancel is the default item that will be selected.
  • Press the point dish option for system setup and then click on installation.
  • Now Press the point dish again and the menu will appear.
  • Move the highlighter to the ‘satellite’ box option and change the satellite number to 119.
  • Move the transponder to the number 11 and let the signal strength update itself accordingly.
  • Now if a green signal box appears then it is indicative of the fact that the receiver had locked onto the satellite.

2. Step 2:

  • Now stand behind the dish and place your hand at the 12 o’Clock Position on the reflector and push forward.
  • Ask another person to check the signal strength and give it time to update.
  • Pull the reflector back towards you once someone has checked the strength.
  • Repeat this step at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock & 9 o’clock position.
  • This will help in small-signal strength changes.

3. Step 3:

  • Now you might need to loos the bolts and adjust the dish in the direction as needed.
  • If you need any kind of help then you may refer to the dish antenna installation section of the receiver manual.
  • This will help to identify the locations of the bolts.

4. Step 4:

  • Now move the dish in small portions of one-sixteenth of an inch in the direction desired.
  • Now ask someone to check the signal strength indicator with each of the moves you make.
  • Give 10 seconds after you make each increment.
  • When the bar of the signal strength turns green then move the dish a little in a back and forth direction to get the best signal possible.
  • Now tighten the bolts again and check the signal strength to ensure the signal strength hasn’t changed.

5. Step 5:

  • Now Press the cancel button given on the remote 3 times to return to the picture.
  • You can now do the process to adjust the dish TV antenna.

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