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Immortalboost Review – Professional Valorant Boosting Company


Not sure whether to get professional Valorant boosting from ImmortalBoost or not? Don’t worry. Here is a complete review of professional Valorant boosting provider ImmortalBoost.

This review article is written after conducting hours of thorough research. So, you do not need to go check other resources.

Professional Valorant boosting is so popular these days. As the demand is increasing, so are the service providers. Immortalboost is one of the professional Valorant boosting providers. With ImmoralBoost, you can get your Valorant rank improved. Plus, you can also avail of their boosting service to win Placement matches.

Pros of ImmortalBoost Valorant boosting

Below are some reasons why you should choose ImmortalBoost for Professional VALORANT boosting

1. Variety of Boosting services

Immortalboost is a one stop shop. Whether you want a boosting for rank improvement, placement matches or wins, Immortal boost offers everything.

2. Variety in Boosters

Secondly, Immortalboost has more than 100 boosters from all around the world. All are experts. And not just that, they have multiple gaming categories and have multiple boosters of each game.  Each one has a different skill set and abilities. This diversity will ensure that you get your account boosted by a booster that matches your requirements.

3. Change Booster easily

Immortalboost also allows you to change your booster. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the booster, you can ask the service provider anytime. And, the booster will be changed immediately. No fuss.

4. High Win rate

Another notable thing is that the win rate of Immortalboost is consistently high. If we talk in numbers, it has an 85% win rate. This testifies to the skill and expertise of the boosters employed by the service provider.

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5. Quick Start

We get a boost to achieve our goals in the shortest time. Immoralboost also takes this very seriously. Once you have placed your order, it will start within 10-15 mins. So, your time won’t be wasted. Plus, a quick start implies an early finish.

6. Good Prices

Price is an important factor in choosing a professional Valorant booster. Immortalboost provides competitive and reasonable pricing. You can get a Valorant boosting for as low as $5. They claim if you find cheaper rates in the market, they will give you a free boosting service.

7. Free Agent Preferences

Immortalboost also offers free agent preference. You can tell the booster what agent to play. So, you can maintain homogeneity in your game.

8. Priority Completion

You can also get an early completion of your order with Immortalboost’s priority completion feature.

9. Recorded Video

With Immortalboost, you can get a recorded video of the booster playing from your account by paying only 15% more. But, it is worth it. Because you can see what pro skills and strategies will work at your level. It is just like getting a coaching session.

10. Duo Boosting

Immortalboost is also perfect if you don’t want to share your account and want to play with the booster. You can also get duo boosting from Immortalboost. The cost for Valorant Duo boosting is 70% of your order.

11. More than 1000 customers with more than 5000 orders

Immortalboost has served more than1000 Valorant players. To date, it has delivered more than 5000 orders which means that it has a lot of returning customers. And, you only keep coming to the same restaurant if are 100% satisfied. These numbers show customer satisfaction and speak volumes of trust that people have for Immortalboost.

12. 24/7 Customer Support

Immortalboost offers round-the-clock customer support. You can talk to their rep any time to get your issues resolved in no time. Plus, you can also approach them on Discord.

13. Safe and Secure

Immortalboost is safe and secure. It respects your privacy and does not share any of our details with anyone. Plus, your account is also secure with Immortalboost. They use SSL and VPN encryption to ensure that you don’t get in trouble ever.

14. Money-Back Guarantee

Another amazing feature is that Immortalboost offers a money-back guarantee. You can get 100% money back if you want to cancel. Even if you cancel after the booster has started playing, you will get 50% money back. Isn’t it amazing?

15. Easy Tracking

Immortalboost also offers easy tracking. You can monitor the booster’s performance, talk to him,  and even ask him to play at a specific time.

16. Loyalty Program

Immortalboost also has a loyalty program. One first order, you will get a 10% discount and this will increase with time. Plus, on referral to your friends, you will also get store credits when they make a $50 purchase.

17. Seasonal Discounts

Immortalboost also offers seasonal discounts. So, you can get boosting services at very cheap rates. For instance, currently, they are offering a flat 50% New Year Discount on all of their services.

Cons of ImmortalBoost

There are no potential cons of getting a Valorant boosting service from Immortalboost. However, keep track of your booster’s performance and if you find anything just report it to customer service and get it resolved.


In conclusion, Immortalboost is a reliable and credible Valorant boosting service provider. If you plan to get professional Valorant boosting, head to the Immortalboost website.