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Online Degree Courses to Pursue From Manipal University Jaipur

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Higher education’s dynamics have evolved as a result of the institutions’ and online platforms’ evolving growth. It is now easily accessible to all the students looking for degree courses. Manipal University Jaipur has come out to be a notable example of academic quality and implementing advanced curriculum according to the changing world. The online degree programs offered are designed to meet the specific needs of modern students.

Now with the online degree course students have an array of possibilities to fulfill their educational goals. Whether you are a student or you are a working professional who is trying to enhance your abilities to stay ahead in the competitive world, online degree courses are for all of you.

Here comes Manipal University Jaipur in the frame, providing you with the best degree courses to pursue. Here is a brief of the courses provided by them:

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

Manipal University Jaipur’s BBA program aims to give students a thorough understanding of business concepts and procedures. A variety of topics related to management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship are covered in class by students via case studies, interactive web lectures, and practical projects.

The course could be a great choice for working professionals as well as for fresher aspirants who are just dreaming of achieving their goals in their preferred business industry. Have a chance to upgrade your career with this online course while sitting at your home.

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

An online MBA program is designed for aspirants who want to advance their skills in the business world. To thrive in the competitive business environment students must know about advanced innovation, leadership skills, and strategic decision-making techniques.

Virtual learning sessions, collaborative projects, and industrial connections help students to intensify their learning experiences.

Reach your goal through the course and foster your personal growth.

Bachelors of Computer Applications(BCA)

Students who are interested and proficient in the field of Computer Applications must choose this online degree course. Upgrade yourself with programming languages, software development, information technology, and other related fields.

In the top-business industry, the course is valued due to the fast-growing technology. The digital era demands professionals who have proficiency in the field. The company grows persistently with the valuable employees working for the company to their fullest potential. Students in the online course get to know about the real-world skills that are most important in the world of business. They get to attend the interactive case studies and connect with the professionals through the virtual learning sessions. While pursuing this advanced course, you get a chance to learn from your senior’s work experience during workshops and virtual sessions.

Working on the industry-relevant project you prepare yourself for the bright future in the tech industry. Not only career upgradation, but you also enhance your skills in System analysis, software designing, and IT advisory.

Master in Computer Application(MCA)

Master in Computer Application is a 24-month online degree course. The course is designed for the BCA holders. Students are equipped with the advanced technologies to upgrade their knowledge in the field of computer science and similar fields. The fundamental knowledge gained through this course will help students to reach their highest potential. In the fastest-growing world, the need for MCA professionals is increasing due to their proficient knowledge of the computer world.

Students are guided in the course with real-world practicals. In the fast-changing artificial intelligence, it is becoming very important to upgrade humans above the technology. This course combines advanced theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge, which eventually prepares students to change the technological world dynamics.

Critical thinking and problem-solving are the must-have skills for professionals to make their way in the cutthroat competitive world.

Bachelors in Commerce(BCOM)

Are you interested to know about the business laws? If your answer is Yes, BCOM is the course for you. After completing your 12th you can enroll for this to enhance your knowledge in the field of finance, auditing, taxation, cost accounting, and others.

This 36-month degree course curriculum is designed to allow students to upgrade their knowledge before entering the world of business where there is a need for professionals who are excellent at tackling the enforcement of economic challenges.

The course opens up a lot of opportunities in the industrial world. Not only this you can also apply for government jobs after graduation in commerce.

Masters in Commerce(MCOM)

Mastering one of your favorite fields is every student’s dream. It becomes easy with the online courses that allow students to enhance their skills with the MCOM course.

The demanding environment for high-quality professionals is rising actively. The economic world needs professionals who can manage the business industry. This can be fulfilled by the MCOM degree holders. Theory and practical assessments offered during the course help you to upgrade your aptitude to reach your goals

Online Course for Art Journalism and Mass Communication

The field is related to media and entertainment sources. If you are keenly interested in joining the media world with proficient knowledge, this course is for you. Allow your capability to come in front of the world with this course. Enter the world of entertainment and let this world know about your knowledge through the course.

While gaining more dynamic and deep knowledge about journalism, you will learn interesting facts about scriptwriting, facing the camera, and tackling all the other problems.

The media is a vast field and to find your place in the industry you have to be persistently active. Your proficient knowledge, dedication, and keen participation will pay you off.


The online degree programs offered by Manipal University Jaipur provide a path to both professional and academic achievement. Enable yourself to achieve your dream with online programs without making a compromise with your personal and professional space.

Online courses are entailed with innovative technologies, flexible learning alternatives, and industry-aligned curriculum. In today’s cutthroat global environment, Manipal University Jaipur offers perfection in its courses to fulfill your goals and reach your full potential.