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Preparing for PMP Certification: Best Practices and Study Strategies

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Project management is a competitive sector, making it hard to get a job. Due to solid domain proficiency standards, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a top global certification.

It predicts 7 lakh new project managers in India from 2017 to 2027. PMI expects international project manager roles to expand by 33%, or 2.2 crore, by 2027.

We all know how valuable the PMI PMP certification is in the job market and how difficult it is to pass. PMP is the most challenging certification exam and demands substantial study. Project management has many ideas; therefore, studying for the PMP exam can take time. Earning the PMI PMP certification is essential, as it has become the field’s most popular and demanding certification. This robust qualification will help one become a qualified project manager with strong leadership skills. Although the PMP certification is valuable, the road to getting it is long. In the field of project management courses, earning the PMI PMP certification is considered to be the most sought-after and popular credential in the field. 

PMP certification preparation: Best practices and study strategies

PMP exam preparation takes months of hard work. This post covers the best PMP study tips and exam strategies for answering PMP exam questions.

Best practice tips to crack PMP certification:

  • Understand your study methods

We’re going back to the basics. Think about your test prep as a student. What worked? What didn’t? Consider your best learning and studying methods. Does video explanation help you remember information? Then, consider video workshops or lessons. Manuals and workshops may be better if you excel at processing knowledge after reading and investigating. Discover your learning style and focus on it to learn and remember.

  • Manage test-taking anxiety

If tests confuse you, don’t worry! The American Test Anxiety Association reports that 16–20% of students suffer from high test anxiety. Learning quickly and having to remember and explain it can be difficult.

They say three “domains” exist: people, processes, and the business environment. PMI’s Exam Content Outline (ECO) details each section’s themes and eligibility requirements.

Since you can immediately identify familiar concepts, this phase is an excellent place to start studying for the PMP certification exam.

  • Take practice exams

Start testing your knowledge now that you know what to expect from the exam. Taking a practice exam is one of the cheapest ways to prepare for and experience the exam. You may examine what you know and what needs more work and use the opportunity to learn more.

Training companies offer over 1,100 realistic test questions. Their practice exam bundle includes video lectures and tailored reports to help you prepare.

Focus on area exams in the bundle to help pinpoint areas of weakness. This might also be a great complement to certified training.


  • Consider live online classes

Does having a live person explain classes help you understand? If so, consider a live online class. Certified PMP teachers teach live classes at training institutes. Real-world experience informs their work as experts.

It covers all PMP exam contact hours and requirements, so you learn everything you need to pass and satisfy certification requirements. They offer flexible scheduling and accredited live online programs. 

  • Utilize on-demand courses

Need more training and study flexibility? You can take on-demand courses at any time. While not exam practice, it’s a beautiful method to supplement live sessions by providing an overview of the PMP certification exam. On-demand courses can help you refresh your PMP knowledge and earn PDUs if you’re certified.

  • Prepare post-exam with PDU courses

Have you been certified and want to keep it? PDU classes update knowledge. Quality management, SCRUM immersion, PMO basics, project management foundations, and other topics are covered in PDU courses. Maintain your certification after receiving it. After passing the test, plan to stay updated on project management information.

  • Prepare, practice, and plan ahead

Practice is the most excellent PMP certification preparation. As you practice, the PMP certification exam will feel more manageable. You may feel apprehensive and overwhelmed, but there are various ways to improve your knowledge and ace the test.

First, use the right tools to reduce testing anxiety and learn more. Understand the concepts and test your knowledge to boost your chances of passing and getting certified.

PMP certification study strategies:

As you know, before taking the PMP test, you must prepare extensively. 

  • Set the PMP exam date:

Determine the finish date first. So, pick a date to take the PMP exam with thorough preparation. Register immediately or mark the date in the calendar. The exam requires two months of complete preparation, as specified. You can register for a likely exam date two months after starting your preparation. You must meet all exam eligibility requirements in two months. A specific year of project management experience and hours of formal study are required.

  • Make your study plan:

Work may keep you occupied. Therefore, finding time to study should be challenging. Even so, set a daily hour if you’ve specified a date. Schedule 4–8 hours every day to look for the exam. If that’s impossible, choose weekly hours. Studying 6–10 hours each week is sufficient. The exam may take more than two months. You should design a program that covers all PMP exam knowledge areas, regardless of time. It would help if you also prioritized learning over knowing everything.

  • Read notes often:

You must learn a lot quickly for the PMP exam. Thus, forgetting is easy. Reviewing notes every day is the best method to remember everything. Take out your small notes on a bus and review any topic. Going over the notes during a break is essential because your mind is fresh.

  • Examination with enthusiasm

Your study strategy is inspiring. You spent almost two months studying for the PMP. The time has come to embrace your preparation and sit for the exam. 

Final way

Passing the PMP test demands careful planning, execution, and progress tracking, similar to a successful project. Many exam prep courses assist you in obtaining certification. The PMI, private universities, and community colleges nationwide offer online prep courses.