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That’s what can happen when you use SEO to optimize your website. Get to page #1 of Google and your business (and life) might never look the same again.

But people will tell you SEO is complicated and hard to do. The truth is, SEO is actually really simple. If you know what you’re doing…

Which person sounds like you?

You love the idea of floods of Google traffic flowing to YOUR website. Show me da money, right? But then reality bites…

SEO is more complicated than it first seems. There are so many tasks to complete – so many moving parts – that you keep getting lost in the weeds.

“I need a clear and simple                       SEO roadmap to follow.”

Instead of feeling lost and overwhelmed, you want clarity and simplicity. Instead of trying to work it all out yourself, you want to follow step-by-step guides.

You’re serving demanding clients. Trying to get your team to do more in less time. And you’d like employee training to be more than, “Just sit with John and copy what he does.”

“I need done-for-me standard                       operating procedures.”

But that’s the catch-22 of agency life.

You know detailed step-by-step process documents will save you a sh*t ton of time. But creating these documents will take you a sh*t tonne of time. And you barely have time to scratch your ass.

You hired an SEO agency or freelancer. They promised great things. Floods of traffic. A position so high in Google the air is hard to breathe. But the results were… “Meh”.

“I need to know how to             check up on my SEO agency.”

You need a 360° view of what they should be doing. So you can ask better questions when you’re hiring them. So you can challenge them during their monthly progress meetings. And so you can make sure they’re delivering quality.

To really appreciate the power of SEO, think about what your prospective customer is doing when they’re using Google…

They’re NOT scrolling mindlessly through social media. They’re NOT reading gossip about their friends. And they’re NOT busy doing something else.

No. It’s the exact opposite.

They have stopped what they’re doing. They have typed (or spoken) a search query into Google. They’re actively looking for your help.

SEO is all about getting your website to show up in Google, so YOU can provide that person with the help they need (which sooner or later will be your product or service).

The SEO Checklist will help you optimize your website, so you get more of that organic traffic.

I’ve done SEO before, but I didn’t see any results for my hard work. So I gave up.

You’re skeptical, I hear you. But listen… you shouldn’t give up on being healthy just because a diet or exercise regime didn’t work out. Likewise, you shouldn’t give up on ranking high in Google.

It’s not the goal of reaching number one in Google that’s the problem, it’s likely the way you tried to get there. With the right guide, you can climb Mount Google.

SEO is like email marketing, old news for old-fashioned marketers. Social media is where the action is these days.

You often hear that “SEO is dead”. But never from someone who’s on the first page of Google (they’re too busy making money). Like email marketing, SEO generates a high return on investment.

The fact is, search engines are not going away anytime soon. They’re a fundamental tool of life, helping us find the info we need. So knowing how to capture this search traffic is an incredibly valuable skill.

I’ve never fully learned SEO or created a process. And because I’m always so busy, life gets hectic and SEO takes a backseat.

This is a legit concern. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, or you don’t yet have a system, the idea of climbing Mount Google is daunting. Getting overwhelmed and losing motivation are real threats.

So without an SEO system, it’s no wonder you’ve found it hard. The truth is, without a step-by-step process guiding you, it’s easy to get lost and waste your time.

You need The SEO Checklist

The SEO Checklist is a collection of resources to help you get your website onto the first page of Google. You’re getting practical guides and proven methods, that include EVERYTHING you need to be thinking about.

Important: This is not fluffy SEO theory by someone who has never actually ranked a website. I have taken websites from nowhere to number one in Google and built very successful businesses because of that.

Not sure what you’re really getting?

Here’s a quick video tour (

It’s a comprehensive checklist of all the important SEO steps to consider if you want your website to climb to the top of Google. You get the exact steps you need to take. And detailed guidance on how to execute.

As well as this Google Sheet version of The SEO Checklist, you’ll get access to a useful interactive version within SEOBUDDY. The SEO Checklist is super useful (worth the price on its own).

The SEO Checklist is super useful (worth the price on its own). But if you’re the sort of chef that likes to follow a recipe, then you’re going to love this…

This is a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for you to follow. We’re talking idiot-proof detailed instructions you could give to your granny to make SEO progress (no offense to your granny).

It’s the perfect one-two punch you need to beat your SEO competitors in the search rankings.

SEO is always evolving. While core fundamentals remain consistent, techniques that worked before might not in the future. So as Google evolves, so will The SEO Checklist.

When you buy today, you get lifetime access. Including all future updates for free.

You don’t need another course.On average 4 out of 5 people that buy an online training course never even finish it.

An 80% failure rate? That’s like burning cash.

The SEO Checklist is about taking ACTION. It’s for doers, not course collectors.

Use it for a couple of minutes to get your next action step. Or use it every day as your core SEO process document. However, you use it, use it to make progress.

The good news? SEO is not rocket science. It doesn’t take special skills to rank high in Google. And you don’t have to spend years mastering it. It simply requires you to take the correct steps consistently.

Just like staying fit, SEO is a game of small regular actions. You will get and stay fit if you exercise little and often. Likewise, you will outrank your competitors in Google if you do SEO little and often.

The SEO Checklist toolkit will give you the guidance you need to make this steady, consistent action. If you want more traffic, more leads, more customers and more revenue, then it’s time to take action.

You have a checklist to follow. The step-by-step processes to follow. The planning tools. And the software to help you manage all your SEO activities.

Hey, I’m Romain Brabant 👋

I’m not an SEO guru, I’m an entrepreneur. But I guess you can call me an SEO expert.

That’s because I’ve learned how to make SEO work. I’ve achieved a lot of success because I was able to rank highly in Google and get a lot of lucrative organic traffic flowing to my various websites.

But the truth is, I really struggled to begin with…

… I didn’t know what I should be doing from day to day.… All the SEO advice out there was overwhelming.… And I’d quickly get lost in all the tasks I had to do.

Without a clear plan or roadmap to follow, it’s super easy to lose momentum. And then your motivation. Before you know it, the dream of money-making traffic flowing to your website is over.

I wish I’d had The SEO Checklist when I first started out. It would have saved me A LOT of time, money and stress.

And that’s why I built it for you. So that you can – with a bit of hard work – enjoy some of the amazing success I’ve had with organic traffic from Google. Believe me, when that traffic and revenue starts flowing, it’s a magical feeling.


The SEO Checklist Bundle is designed to be super practical and valuable. I want these resources to actually help you with your SEO efforts. But I also want to make buying it completely risk-free for you.

So buy the bundle today and take your time working through it. If you don’t think it’s going to help you, then get in touch within 60 days and I will give you a full refund.

Just email my team at [email protected] and we’ll get that money back to you asap.

The SEO Checklist itself is a value packed spreadsheet containing all the important SEO steps and actions you need to consider. Keeping everything you need to do in one place, it’s the master document you’ll keep coming back to.

For each project you work on, you can create a new version of the document and work through it step-by-step. Within the document, there are the steps to take, recommendations on the tools you might need, plus links to resources that will help you complete those steps (this is usually a step-by-step process document, but could also be a link to another useful resource to help you).

These resources will be useful whatever level of SEO knowledge you have. For the business owner with little SEO experience, you now have a guiding document for all your efforts – a single comprehensive checklist of all the SEO actions you should be taking.

If you’ve tried SEO before and know your way around a bit, The SEO Checklist will help you stay organized. Bonuses like the 52-week content calendar will help you manage this critical piece of the SEO puzzle. And, you’re going to love SEOBUDDY to help you analyse the SERPs for opportunities.

And even if you’re an expert, or run an SEO agency, you probably don’t have all your procedures documented. We’ve spent countless hours creating detailed process documents, which will help your team stay consistent and efficient.

It will, and here’s how. I’ve considered someone just like you in the design of the SEO Checklist. I asked and answered the question: what would someone who wanted to rank higher need to know, if they knew nothing about SEO?

The Checklist makes it crystal clear what SEO actions you need to take. And with the SOP collection, you also get help with how to take those actions. These step by step instructions (packed with screenshots) are designed just for you.

Although you’re getting a lot of training, this is not a course. The SEO Checklist is an actionable checklist for you to follow as you work. You perform an action (we guide you on exactly how to do each step) and then you move onto the next step. It’s your master guide to help you as you work.

Plus, you’re getting a collection of process documents to help you execute. And the project planning and strategy tools you need to stay organized and on track.

You won’t. But if you do, just ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll return your cash. You’ll get to keep the entire SEO Checklist bundle, so it’s a completely risk-free purchase for you.

None taken. I’m Romain, from France (now living in The Bahamas). I’m just a normal entrepreneur that achieved financial success because I learnt how to rank sites in Google.

So I’m not an SEO “guru” selling unproven information products. I just focused on SEO as a channel to drive traffic to my businesses, and found success doing that. It’s this real world knowledge and practical experience that I’ve packaged for you, so you can get a shortcut to my SEO success.

You can check me out on Linkedin here. I’m also the founder of SEOBUDDY (access to which is included as a bonus in this bundle). SEOBUDDY is a SaaS tool designed to make SEO easier, more repeatable and fun, so you make consistent progress up the Google rankings.

You get instant access to the entire bundle, with links to the documents emailed to you. You’ll have to start an account in SEOBUDDY, but that takes about one minute (and has a library of resources to help you if you get stuck).

Here’s the hard truth. SEO is not a sprint. It’s not even a marathon. It’s an ongoing mission. You have to keep the wheel spinning (but the same goes for any marketing).

So there is no simple answer. That said, here’s a rough guide:

The foundation part of the checklist can take less than 2 days to implement and you’re pretty much set for life.

The User Experience, Performance, Technical SEO, and On-Page SEO parts are more about building habits to ensure your content and site are “SEO friendly”.

It’s the Content and Off-Page SEO part that’s the long-game.

If you already have some content on your site, and some authority, you can implement the SEO Checklist and get results in as little as 3-6 weeks.

If your website is new and you have little authority, it’s more like 3 months at least before you’ll start to see results. And then you’re building from there.

The secret? Take small regular steps forward. It takes time. But it’s worth it.

You can redeem your free 30-days of SEO Buddy at any time, there is no time limit. So you can buy the Checklist today and then whenever you’re ready to make the most of your SEO Buddy free trial, simply sign up then.

When that time comes, create your SEO Buddy account and add the first domain that you wish to rank for, using the same email that you used to buy the SEO Checklist. When your account is created, click the “activate bonus” button in the upper right corner of your dashboard screen (this is only visible for The SEO Checklist buyers). Your 30 days starts from this point. If you need a hand, you can reach us at [email protected]

Yes it will. Only about 10 items from our 102-point checklist are exclusive to WordPress (and even those likely have an equivalent for your specific CMS). So at least 90% of the Checklist will be useful for you whatever tech you’re using.

Yes, once your order is complete, you will instantly receive an invoice via email. VAT, or another local sales tax, may be added to the price, depending on your current location. If you’re a VAT registered business, provide your VAT number during checkout and you will not be charged VAT. All orders are securely processed by ClickBank, our payment merchant service.

If you’re a registered student or charity, we can provide a discount off the price of the Checklist bundle. Please email [email protected] for more details. If you’re neither of these, but can’t afford the checklist at the moment, perhaps we can help each other out in some way. I’m open to suggestions. Please email me at the same address.

Yes, we do. Please email me at [email protected] to receive your invitation.

I’m trying to help smaller businesses crack the SEO code, so they can get more organic Google traffic. But I know budgets are often limited (especially this year), so I wanted to make it as affordable as I can. If you put the work in, this price represents an enormous amount of value.

This is a roadmap to rank your website high in Google, a goal that took me years of work to achieve. This will help you do that in way less time and with way less hassle. And it has taken time to produce (the SOPs alone are over 400 pages of original content). If you don’t think you can leverage this tool to make climbing Google easier, then it’s probably not right for you.

You can apply your discount code during checkout at step 3. Step 1 is to enter your email, Step 2 is to select your Region/Zip Code, and finally on Step 3, before picking the payment option (Credit Card or PayPal or Apple Pay), you should see the option to “Add Coupon” as shown in the picture below:

One of the most crucial elements of SEO is Keyword Research and pick the right challenge (find a keyword with decent search volume and low difficulty). While you build the authority of your domain, you work your way up with less competitive keywords.

With the SEO Checklist, we’re obviously in a highly competitive industry with competitors who are all SEO Experts.

So let’s looks at the keyword: “SEO Checklist”:

It has a difficulty of 56 (Hard)

But we’re already in the top 10 for that keyword in the USA. We’re not ashamed of this result 6 months from our launch (we start the SEO Checklist in November 2020)

Today we’re ranking for 233 keywords:

And are working hard on our Domain Authority:

Eventually, we’ll get there at one point (then I will make a massive brag about that on our Sales Landing Page)

The SOP Collection is a series of process documents that will walk you step-by-step through every important SEO task you need to perform to rank your site on page one of Google.

We’re not talking SEO articles that vaguely tell you what you should be doing. We’re talking incredibly detailed instructions, with screenshots and animations showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Plus you get The SEO Checklist, a value packed spreadsheet containing all the important SEO steps and actions you need to consider. Keeping everything you need to do in one place, it’s the master document you’ll keep coming back to. For each project you work on, you can create a new version of the document and work through it step-by-step (using the SOPs to help you execute that task).

Whether you’re an SEO newbie, or you are experienced, this will be useful to you. If you’re new to SEO, the SEO Checklist will be invaluable as a guiding roadmap (you’ll always know what has and hasn’t been done).

If you’re experienced and knowledge isn’t what’s lacking, the 52-week Content Calendar and the Checklist Trello Board will help you stay in control of your SEO efforts. And if you own an SEO agency and know everything there is, The SOP collection is still going to be incredibly valuable to you. With done-for-you process documentation, you can make your team more consistent and efficient.

And whatever your level, SEOBUDDY will make the important task of analysing the search results for backlink and content opportunities faster and easier.

SEO is a long-game. Some people are put off by that. But the fact is, all marketing is a long-game. Social media is a long game. You have to keep that marketing wheel spinning otherwise the flow of new business dries up.

But the thing with SEO is it requires a lot less wheel spinning than, say, social media. Instead of a relentless content publishing schedule (that can often feel like you’re shouting into the void), with SEO you’re turning your website into a more profitable money-making asset.

And you’re building a business that’s not dependent on the whims of other platforms. Yes, you have to play ball with Google. But actually, their mission should be aligned with yours. That is, to make it easy for people to find the information they’re seeking. SEO is investing in the long-term success of your business.

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