What is the Best Thing to Use for Adult Coloring Books?


Having the correct coloring supplies may make a big difference in adult coloring. There are several gel pens, markers, colored pencils, and watercolors, each with its own benefits. So, how would you choose colored tools for a project?

Let’s find out: 

Gel Pens

Gel pens are popular for adult coloring owing to their smooth ink and extensive color selection. Shimmer, glitter, and metallic finishes give shine to coloring projects. Gel pen lines are delicate and detailed, making them ideal for elaborate drawings. Gel pens might smudge if not completely dried. Before using them in a coloring book, try them on different papers.


There are many different kinds of markers, such as dual-tip and alcohol-based markers. Alcohol-based markers are the most saturated and bright but bleed through paper and are more costly. Markers are cheaper but less bright and may take more layers to cover. Dual-tip markers, with their fine and brush tips, can create different line widths.

Colored Pencils

Several sorts of colored pencils are popular for adult coloring. Most are wax-based and mix colors readily. Oil-based colored pencils last longer but are harder to mix and require more pressure to add color. Pastel pencils are powdery and generate soft, subdued hues.


Pigment suspended in a water-soluble material is used to create watercolor paints. They are renowned for their ethereal, gentle effects and transparency. Watercolors may be combined with water and painted with a brush to produce a variety of tones and effects. They are available in tubes or pans. Watercolors have several potential drawbacks, like being difficult to manage and requiring skill and a steady hand to utilize well. Also, since the paint may be prone to leaking and spreading, it might not be ideal for fine, intricate work.

Things to Avoid with Adult Coloring Books

No method is inappropriate for coloring adult coloring pages. You should do what makes you happy and relaxed. Some adult coloring books include sophisticated artwork that requires a tiny, precise medium rather than bigger, imprecise media.

Coloring with crayons, pastels, brush-tip markers, thick pens, and watercolors may be frustrating. Large media may work well in greater portions of an artwork but not in small details.

So, How Do You Make a Decision?

The ideal choice for selecting coloring tools will rely on your own tastes and the kind of project you are working on. Markers are an excellent option for bright, brilliant colors and the flexibility to produce various line widths. At the same time, gel pens are ideal for fine, intricate lines and a broad spectrum of colors. Multiple textures and abilities are available with colored pencils, ranging from creamy and blendable to more precise and durable. Although watercolors are a fantastic medium for producing delicate, ethereal effects, using them well may need more skill and discipline. You can also use color cards that are printable for adult coloring books with a broad choice of colors to color your masterpieces precisely and vibrantly.

Having fun and allowing your imagination to flow is more essential than the coloring tools you choose.