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Every business runs on data insights that bring key beneficial moves for them. To make sense of this whopping data requires specialized data science professionals. Bringing in enough boost with the best data science certifications is the way ahead.

The global data science market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 29.6% reaching USD 122.82 billion in 2024 (researchandmarkets.com). With such a staggering surge expected in the global market size, the demand for seasoned data science players is going to be surmounted at an even more alarming rate. 

Let us understand what it takes to be a specialized professional with the most in-demand data science certifications in 2024.

How to become a data science professional?

A data science expert is a seasoned professional who is keen on making a difference in the business amplification model by making data sense to the stakeholders. They are expert professionals with proven skills in mathematics, linear algebra, statistics, and logical reasoning, and are great at communication. Being a team player, they can convey the industry insight in a better format to the team members and business leaders.

Are data science certifications enough to build a thriving career?

Some of the highly trusted and top data science certifications are a must-have if you wish to scale in data science. Yes, these are instant credentials that offer quick validations with futuristic data science skills at your disposal. It also boosts your credibility as an expert professional to earn a higher salary.

Top 4 Data Science Certifications Worldwide:

  • Microsoft- Certified Azure AI fundamentals

Perfect for beginners, Microsoft brings the fundamentals of AI and machine learning at ease. It makes it easy with no extensive preparation to expand in your data science career. It consists of a curriculum that relates itself to Microsoft Azure services and makes it easier for you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to future employers.

USDSI® is a globally trusted data science credential provider that offers graded credentials that are ranked among the world’s best data science certifications. CLDS™ is a great program for those who envision themselves delving deep into the data science industry as a data science lead scientist and advancing in core data science skills across study fields. A self-paced program that comes with a contemporary curriculum vetted by over 15 globally renowned SMEs offers a boost to your career manifold. Cover core concepts of data analysis, big data, advanced big data analytics, ML, Power BI, case studies, Containerization, RPA, IoT, Cloud, and more. This comes with flexible payment options with courseware that is internationally accredited by global credentialing bodies. 

  • Harvard University- Professional Certificate in Data Science

This introductory program from Harvard University offers expertise in data mining, data analysis, data visualization, probability, and more. With this, you will learn the fundamentals of R programming language, tidyverse, and essential tools for practicing data scientists such as Unix/Linux, GitHub, and RStudio; also provides real-world case studies.

  • United States Data Science Institute (USDSI®)- Certified Senior Data Scientist (CSDS™)

If you plan to excel in your data science career and wish to enhance and upgrade your skills for a data science leadership role; CSDS™ is for you. This certification offered by USDSI® is among the top data science certifications that are valued across global industries and give a massive career boost into a greater leadership role. With an easy enrolment process, optional readings, industry experts’ insights, real-world case studies, HD videos, eLearning study kit; you are in for greater career success from this ‘anytime-anywhere’ program that comes with a lifetime digital badge with an easy renewal policy. It comes with an easy exam policy, flexi-payments, and program discounts to learn a great skill.

Top 4 Domain-Specific Data Science Certifications:

  • SAS Certified Professional in AI and ML

SAS provides data science credentials that come with SAS tools and techniques for data analysis, ML, and AI. It consists of several exams targeting ML, computer vision, model forecasting, and optimization.

  • Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

A unique certification that allows access to enhance expertise in practical skills and real-world experience. It is an experience-based certification without any traditional training or exam. 

  • TensorFlow Developer Certificate Program

A foundational certificate for students, developers, and data scientists who want to demonstrate practical ML skills through building and training models using TensorFlow. This course requires you to be an expert at ML, deep learning, and more.

  • Cloudera data Platform Generalist Certification

This credential verifies your proficiency in the Cloudera Data platform. It offers skills in data ingestion, data processing, data analysis, and data visualization.

Top 2 Private Data Science Learning Platforms:

  • Coursera- Meta Database Engineer Professional Certificate

Taught by Meta staff and provided in collaboration with Coursera, this credential takes you through a series of courses including skills in SQL syntax, MySQL databases, database-driven applications, and advanced data modeling concepts.

  • Udemy- Professional Certificate in Data Science

Gain expertise in Python programming, machine learning, data pre-processing, KERAS, algorithm analysis, and much more with this credential offered by Udemy.

Are Free Certifications Useful?

However, a valid question, but the answer is very clear. It is always a good idea to earn a data science certification that comes at a cost as it offers enough boost, credibility, and validity to your skills mastered. Investing your time, money, and efforts in a paid and globally trusted certification shall bring a massive boost to your career while making you a quick pick in front of your recruiter.

With annual salary packages soaring with every possible credential asset being added to your portfolio; it is essential to invest in one of the top data science certifications that allows you enough pump in a lasting career trajectory. Make an informed decision now!