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How Safe Is Your New Retail POS System?

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Purchasing a POS system offers several advantages when you look forward to streamlining the operation of your retail store. Apart from easing the everyday operations in a retail store, it helps in boosting the revenue of the store. When installing this system for the first time, you will naturally have concerns regarding its safety. How safe it is to install a new POS system? These systems are complex and comprise a network of terminals, computers, and various programs moving digital cash.

Retail POS System

While the point-of-sale system makes retail functioning seamless, they also form soft targets for cybercriminals. They use various tactics and leverage the weak points of the systems to access the data and the credit card details of the clients. The impact of such attacks is an incredible loss of money and reputation. So, when installing retail point of sale systems in your outlet, here is what you need to understand to guarantee the safety and security of your data.

1.   Using end-to-end encryption

When procuring software for POS system installation, you need to ask for tools that encrypt the information present in the credit card. The data is encrypted once the POS device receives it and again when it goes to the server. So, the data stays secure all the time no matter where the hackers install malware.

2.   Check the software updates

When asking for cannabis POS systems, ask the supplier whether the updates are regular and automatic. Find out whether the updates are a part of the subscription of the point-of-sale system. If not, you need to carefully and regularly update and synchronize to ensure that the system stays safe and up-to-date all the time. Using the latest version of the POS prevents cyber attacks that interfere with your data therein. An updated POS system streamlines the functioning of your cannabis store to a great extent.

3.   Get an antivirus for the system

One of the simplest ways to ensure the safety of the POS system is by installing an antivirus. The antivirus does not allow malware to infiltrate the device. For instance, the endpoint protection software scans the software of the system to detect corrupted files and apps that require immediate removal. Furthermore, the antivirus software helps you identify the areas of trouble and help you start the process of cleansing resulting in the prevention of data theft.

4.   Two-step authentication

Is there a two-factor authentication in your POS system? It helps in reducing the extent of threats. When creating the password, you need to customize the content and its length.

5.   Locking down the system

Your employees may never play a foul with the thrift store point of sale system but the prospect of human error or inside jobs may also cause extensive trouble. If your employees steal data from the POS device and leave them in the store accidentally, security threats remain. Besides, the loss of the device may make the software easily accessible and lead to the stealing of customer records. To avoid these anomalies, the safety step is locking down the system at the end of the day. Try to keep them in a secure place that is out of reach of the employees.

6.   Enhancing proper management of the POS system

If you want to ensure user access to the point-of-sale software, you need to assign the data entry task to only a few employees. While the cloud computing system deactivates the users, especially those working remotely, only a few employees should have access to it. The thrift store point of sale system you want to install must have the security features to keep the system safe.

7.   No connection to external networks

The hackers attacking the POS device may not be present in the same location but act remotely to steal client and business information. If the POS device stays connected to external networks, it becomes susceptible to attacks from hackers. The more you stay internal the higher is the security of the system.

8.   Getting technical support

In the event of an intrusion or an unforeseen event, ask the supplier of the POS device to offer technical support 24×7. That way, it is easy to do away with the anxieties involved with the implementation of new software. If you own a small business and do not have the financial means to hire a technical executive, you need to have someone with a deep security background and access the experts when it’s time to ask for help.

9.   Migration of data

To make sure that the new POS is effective, quick, and safe, data migration from old to new software needs to be done carefully. Besides, the staff handling the device needs to know how to use it safely.

The software from Retail Sale Systems has the above-mentioned features and prevents unauthorized access to access the information stored in the system. You must check with the supplier before investing in and installing new POS software for your retail outlet.