how to backup iphone using icloud

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud

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Creating a continuous backup of your iPhone to iCloud is always useful in case you lose data on your iPhone. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to Backup your iPhone to iCloud.

Backup iPhone to iCloud

Apple is providing  5 GB Free iCloud Storage for iPhone users, which can be effectively utilized and allows iPhone users to automatically backup to iCloud.

when iCloud Backups are set up automatically on your device, automatically your iPhone will start backing up its data to iCloud, as it connects to a WiFi network and is plugged in for charging.

Aside from Automated iCloud Backups, iCloud likewise upholds manual backups that can be started any time on your PC.

What is Included in iCloud Backup?

While both automatic and manual iCloud Backups are not difficult to make, you should know that iCloud Backup is definitely not a total backup of all information on your iPhone.

As per Apple technical experts, iCloud Backups only include the data available on the local storage of your iPhone, and data already available on iCloud is not included in the backup.

This implies an iCloud Backup of your iPhone contains Device Settings, Purchase History, App Data, Ringtones, application association, Home Screen and,  and Apple Watch Backups.

iMessage, Text Messages, Photos, and Videos will be considered for the Backup, provided that iCloud Messages and iCloud Photos (individually) have not been empowered on your iPhone.

1. Steps to Automatically Backup iPhone to iCloud

Follow step-by-step instructions to set up automated iCloud Backups to iCloud on your iPhone.


1. First Open Settings > then tap on your Apple ID.


how to backup iphone using icloud


2. On the Apple ID screen, tap on iCloud.


how to backup iphone using icloud


3. At the iCloud Screen, scroll down and then tap on the iCloud Backup option.


how to backup iphone using icloud

4. In this screen, move the slider next to iCloud Backup to ON Position.

how to backup iphone using icloud


This will set up your iPhone to automatically backup to iCloud Drive When connects to a WiFi network and is plugged in for charging.


2. Manually Backup iPhone to iCloud

In case you are searching for the latest backup of your iPhone, you can start a manual BACKUP of your iPhone, by following the below-mentioned instructions.

1. First Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > tap on iCloud Backup.

how to backup iphone using icloud



2. In this section, ensure flip close to iCloud Backup is turned ON and tap on Back Up Now choice.

how to backup iphone using icloud


When you tap on Back Up Now, your iPhone will start the process of backing up its data to iCloud over a WiFi network.

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