Why does phone say sos its causes and solutions

Why does my phone say sos its causes and solusions

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What is SOS and how to fix the mysterious SOS display on your phone is about to be explained. Find out why does my phone say sos display SOS and get tips for troubleshooting.


 Why does phone say sos  

People use many abbreviations in messaging or texting that represent different things. One such abbreviation is “SOS.” 

“SOS” is a means of quickly saying “Help!”


Why does my phone say sos in corner

When the word “SOS” appears at the top corner, I become perplexed about what it stands for. Ovala, it is normal! 

In this article, the “SOS” displayed will be investigated, and what you can do about it will also be discussed.


“SOS” is a distress signal, meaning anybody can call immediately, for instance. Mostly, when you receive a call on your cell phone, it doesn’t necessitate an emergency, but it can be an alert. 

The Emergency Alert System does not require you to have cellular voice service or the ability to send texts. Rather, it sets aside a block of radio channels that allows people to call 911 even if their regular cell phone service isn’t working properly.


Why does my phone say sos only? 

In the worst-case scenario, you can also notice “SOS” on the screen while operating your phone. It could be because of network troubles, like being in an area with a signal problem; by then, your phone will go to “SOS” mode, which relaxes all the restrictions and allows emergency calls to reach everyone who can help you.


Why does my phone say sos at the top means your phone can only help in an emergency, but it cannot take texts or calls nor connect to Wi-Fi at that time. It might come up if you are trying to call or do any other activity on your phone. Suddenly, that service is unavailable because the network is unavailable due to some issues or is under maintenance.


Here are some common reasons why  does my  phone say  “SOS” message:


Poor Signal 

You will be in trouble when a network is unavailable or weak, as in remote areas or underground locations. Therefore, it may be challenging to use your phone. Your phone will activate “panic over 900” mode to ensure emergency calls are given priority, so you can still reach emergency services despite having a poor signal.

Overload Network 

At events like festivals and other areas with large crowds, there may be temporary connection obstruction. Your phone might show that the “SOS” message handling only emergency calls will be displayed until regular service is back.

SIM Card Issues:

The SOS message was activated for some people due to a technical problem with their phones’ SIM cards. This could be an effect of an off-centred SIM card, which may lead to a failure to connect to mobile networks. Also, if the SIM card is broken or bugged, a connection problem may arise, and maybe the display “SOS” will be output.

Emergency Settings Activation:

Frequently, you might carelessly make changes to your phone’s settings, which will often show up as an “SOS” incoming call. Additionally, if your phone has a fault or its interface is experiencing issues, the “SOS” message may be showing up.


Network Outages or Maintenance:

Your phone will show the “SOS” message due to network outages or maintenance activities conducted by your mobile network providers. When those things happen, they might shift the regular mood into an emergency, so you can still contact them if other regular services are unavailable. 


Here are some solutions you can try if your phone displays “SOS”:


Check Your Signal

If your phone is showing a poor signal, especially in a remote or mountainous region, you could relocate to a zone with a more powerful signal, for example, by the window or outdoors. It may make your phone able to connect faster (the mobile network).

Restart Your Phone:

An immediate power off can sometimes solve your phone’s temporary connectivity problems. Put off your phone, disconnect it, and wait a few seconds, then turn it on and use it again. This can be useful in many situations and fixes the “SOS” message if it is a network issue.

Toggle Airplane Mode:

Another way can be set as a phone network reset by an option to toggle airplane mode. This shuts off all the wireless devices on your phone and turns them on, which may lead to more efficient reconnection to the mobile network.

Check SIM Card Status:

Ensure your SIM card is fitted into your handheld device correctly and that no tiny scratches or marks could reduce its performance. But if it is, you should use a soft cloth to wipe the SIM card and put it back into your phone.


Update Your Phone’s Software:

Check your phone’s settings to see if a new version is available. The manufacturer regularly sends updates to optimize the device and eliminate viruses. Updating the software on your phone to the most recent version may resolve the issue.

Speak with your mobile provider. Speak with your mobile provider.

In the end, you can contact customer service if you need the team to investigate and solve the issue.